Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Favourite Tuesday: Nails, Candles & 2 Songs

It is Tuesday and I should be studying (multivariate statistics, is there a better thing in life?). The answer is yes. There are plenty of better things. All of the sudden, this blogpost seems to be the most important thing in the whole world! I have to tell you, random reader, I have painted my nails 5 minutes ago. They are white with a sparkly green top coat. This is how they look: 

from left: Nail Polish ("T-Shirt") from American Apparel (18.00 Fr.) / Glitter Nail Polish ("party in a bottle") from essence (ca. 3.90 Fr.) / Daisy Flower Hairband (Primark, a gift)

Maybe: the uncertainty of glitter reflects the chaos of the mind. Maybe not.

from left: Candle ("time") / Candle ("calm") both from H&M Home

"time is endlessly continuous, make it count. don´t count it." - don´t quite get it, but it sounds nice.

Oh, and here are two songs I like (and almost forgot about):

You shall all be greeted. x